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Empowering Hydrogen Pioneers.

Green Investors brings companies and investors together to scale up the hydrogegn economy.

Grüne Weiden

Our Vision.

At Green Investors, we envision a future powered by eco-friendly, innovative hydrogen technologies. We believe in the transformative potential of hydrogen to drive global economic growth in Germany, while catalyzing our transition to a sustainable, low-carbon world.


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Why Hydrogen?

Catalyzing a sustainable future, hydrogen is the game-changer in energy solutions. In Germany, it's central to our 'Energiewende', bridging gaps in storage and transport within renewable energy infrastructure. Like all new technologies, the hydrogen revolution needs to be fueled by capital. Green Investors is your starting point in connecting with investors and startups.


How we achieve our goals.

For Startups

We empower startups by aiding them to scale their innovative hydrogen solutions, preparing them for the investor landscape, and offering them strategic guidance for sustainable growth. Learn more

For Investors

We offer investors a risk-mitigated entry into the promising hydrogen sector, providing access to a carefully curated portfolio of companies ready for exponential growth. Learn more

For the Planet

Our commitment goes beyond business. By promoting the hydrogen economy, we're contributing to a sustainable future, reducing carbon emissions, and propelling a green revolution. Learn more


About us

Ambition for change

Erik Schäfer, is a seasoned executive with a wealth of experience in private equity, infrastructure investments, and renewable energy. Learn more

Latest Insights

Coming up



A Look at Green Hydrogen - Sustainability Workshop

With Dr. Klaus Dirk Herwig & Erik Schäfer


06. July 2023, 1.30 pm


WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management
Erkratherstr. 224a, 20233 Düsseldorf

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