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Capital Raising for Companies and Projects

Make your company bankable and access project finance.

We specialize in financial solutions for hydrogen projects, offering expertise in capital placement, risk management, and grant assistance. Our focus on sustainability and bankability ensures your initiative receives the support and visibility it needs. Trust us to be your partner in driving green innovation forward.


Debt & Equity Capital

Connecting businesses with potential investors or lenders to raise capital for hydrogen initiatives. Our extensive network spans industry leaders and forward-thinking investors, all keen to support transformative projects, ensuring your initiative stands out in a competitive landscape and secures the capital it needs to thrive.


Bankability Support

Evaluating and enhancing a company's attractiveness to banks and insurers, making it easier to secure financing and insurance. Through meticulous analysis and strategic positioning, we highlight your project's strengths and potential, crafting a compelling narrative that resonates with financial institutions and ensures your venture is seen as a beacon of opportunity.


Grants and Subsidies

Offering comprehensive services from identifying potential grants and subsidies to consulting and application assistance. We navigate the intricate landscape of governmental and non-governmental financial incentives, optimizing your application strategy to increase your project's likelihood of receiving significant funding, thereby reducing reliance on equity financing and preserving your ownership stake.


Project Risk Management

Providing strategies and solutions to minimize or mitigate risks associated with green projects, ensuring a smoother path to financing. By anticipating challenges and implementing preemptive measures, we safeguard your project against uncertainties, enhancing its resilience and appeal to cautious investors looking for secure, green opportunities.


ESG, SDG & EU-Taxonomy

Assisting companies in developing and implementing strong ESG and Taxonomy frameworks that enhance bankability and appeal to investors. Our comprehensive support helps you not only to meet the ever-evolving sustainability standards but also to lead the way in corporate responsibility, making your project a shining example for investors dedicated to ethical and sustainable investment practices.


Financial Modelling

Tailoring financial structures to enhance project feasibility and attractiveness. Our innovative financial models are designed with your project's success in mind, combining creativity with strategic insight to build structures that not only attract investment but also sustain long-term growth, ensuring financial stability and investor confidence.


Structuring Financing

Helping companies find cost-effective financing options to fund their sustainable projects. We delve deep into the green finance landscape, leveraging our expertise to negotiate favorable terms that align with your project's unique needs and potential, ensuring a financial foundation that propels your vision forward.


Investor Relations

Crafting compelling investment pitches and managing relations with potential investors to secure funding for hydrogen projects. Our targeted communication strategies not only showcase your project's unique value and potential returns but also build lasting investor relationships, ensuring a steady flow of interest and capital to support your growth.


Public Private Partnerships

Assisting in structuring and negotiating PPPs for large-scale sustainable projects, leveraging both public and private financing. Our approach focuses on creating synergies between governmental objectives and private sector dynamism, facilitating deals that accelerate your project's progress while aligning with broader sustainability goals.

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