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Develop Projects and Companies

A  360° vision for hydrogen markets and value chains. 

Building partnerships with established companies and supporting innovative start ups/scale ups along the hydrogen value chain is our key to success.  Doing so we always cooperate with political, social and financial stakeholders to jointly ramp up the hydrogen market. With its REPowerEU the EU set a goal of 20 Mt of hydrogen to be available through imports and domestic production by 2030. That is about 250 GW we need to develop and build in 5 years. Lets do this together!


Pre-Feasibility Studies

Conceptualizing an optimal plant design (and reasonable scale up) based on potential analysis for renewable energy and biogenic CO2-sources as well as available infrastructure.
Regulatory Advisory ensuring compliance of all operations as well as GHG-emission balancing.
Techno-economic simulation of entire value chain providing: CAPEX and OPEX estimations, financial model, P&L and Cash-Flow statement, Levelized costs of final product.


Hydrogen Supply for Offtakers

We understnad well how the offtake markets for hydrogen and its derivatives work and how policy makers incentivize their use. We support in developing procurement strategies to secure future demands. Our approach is to cooperate with governments, development funds or other institutions to close commercial gaps.


Value Chain Matchmaking

Facilitating strategic partnerships between key industry players along and within all steps of the value chain of hydrogen and its derivatives. We use our vast network to bring together winning teams including renewable electricity production, derivative synthesis processes, logistic partners (sea & inland) and end users.


Funding Management

Identifying national & international initiatives & programs to support hydrogen projects  along the value chain. Project Management Office and expertise for application support .


Corporate Strategy

Development and evaluation of business opportunities along the entire value chain of hydrogen its derivatives. Analyzing market potentials in various sectors related to hydrogen respecting regulatory framework. Developing tailored strategies for entering new markets or expanding within the hydrogen economy, including competitor analysis and market positioning.


Product Development

Supporting the commercialization and application of hydrogen-related products, from concept to post-market launch. Supplying skilled professionals and teams to drive projects and initiatives within the hydrogen economy.


Capability Building

Offering advice and training programs to develop industry-specific skills, leadership, and technical know-how in the hydrogen economy.
Offering technical expertise in hydrogen technologies, including electrolysis, fuel cells, storage, and infrastructure development. (Innovation Lab setup)

Let's change the world together

Contact us to make your initiative in the hydrogen economy successful

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