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Enabling Hydrogen and Clean Energy.

Investing in the green hydrogen and energy economy, fueling a sustainable future.

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Empowering Investments in the Hydrogen Economy

Green Investors is dedicated to driving sustainable growth in the hydrogen economy by connecting investors with promising projects and supporting companies in the sector. With our extensive network of experts and comprehensive evaluation process, we help investors make informed decisions and assist companies in becoming investment-ready.

Trusted Partnerships for
Investor-Ready Companies

Green Investors collaborates with globally renowned partners to ensure companies in the hydrogen economy are well-prepared for investment. Our network of experts helps mitigate risks, secure financing, and unlock government funding opportunities by offering independent technological assessment.

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Unlock the Potential of the Hydrogen Economy

For Investors

We offer investors a risk-mitigated entry into the promising hydrogen sector, providing access to a carefully curated portfolio. Learn more

For Companies

We empower companies by aiding them to scale their innovative hydrogen solutions and preparing them for the investor landscape. Learn more

For the Planet

Our commitment goes beyond business. By promoting the hydrogen economy, we're contributing to a sustainable future, reducing carbon emissions, and propelling a green revolution. Learn more

We learned from the best - are you ready too?

Get Investment-Ready Support for Your Hydrogen Company

Evaluation and concretization of business ideas, architecture of scalable businesses centered.

Leverage Expert Advice for Your Entry into Green Investing 

By benchmarking and evaluating all projects diligently, Green Investors helps you to find the ideal investment target.

Discover Government Funding Opportunities

Leverage our expertise to access large-scale government funding and vast opportunities to enter the market.

Hydrogen -
Impact for Planet and Markets

The hydrogen sector is ready for vast growth. Today is the right time to start investing in this promising field.


growth in H2 Production until 2050


Target of green energy until 2050

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Start Investing Today
Invest in Green

Discover the potential investments and join the green revolution by contacting us today.


About us

Ambition for change

Erik Schäfer, a German national born at 318 ppm, is a seasoned executive with a wealth of experience in private equity, infrastructure investments, and renewable energy. Learn more


Out now

Hydrogen Horizons: The German Blueprint

"Dive deep into the transformative world of hydrogen energy in Germany! HYDROGEN HORIZONS illuminates the potential of this burgeoning billion-dollar market, spotlighting opportunities for businesses big and small. Through a captivating blend of expert insights, real-world examples, and pioneering projects, you'll witness the vibrant momentum of the hydrogen revolution. Whether you're an entrepreneur, an executive, an investor looking for the next big thing, or simply a curious mind, this book provides a roadmap to navigate the hydrogen frontier. You can find the tools and strategies to stake your claim in this green energy gold rush."- Klaus-Dirk Herwig & Erik Schäfer 

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